Change detection of stellite imagery

The main page of has been expanded with new features! Under the continuously updated map, new interactive comparison panels have been added, to help you easily identify changes between the last two recordings. But there is more!

When launching, one of the most important aspects was public comprehensibility. A new section has been added to the Satellite Images menu item which is nothing more than an interactive change detection panel. By moving the slider sideways, the last two satellite images can be compared, making it very easy to find the differences.


Needless to say, how important and useful this kind of monitoring can be for agricultural, water, or even forestry professionals, but of course it can also be applied in many other civilian fields.

RGB image




Encouraged by the change analysis, I wrote an image processing program in Python, which automatically evaluates the differences between two images taken at consecutive times, these areas are marked in bright red. Let’s see what this looks like when we compare the images above!

I hope these tools make the informations shared on this site more user-friendly and interesting at the same time!
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