What is this website?

On Satmapper.hu images of the Earth’s surface made by Sentinel-2 satellites cn be found, which can be browsed on an interactive map.

What is the purpose of this website?

The site aims to highlight the usefulness of information that can be extracted from digital data, draws attention to the importance of modern technology and data processing, and is an exciting experiment in how communities can make use of the materials published here. In order to improve Satmapper.hu, please send your feedback to info@satmapper.hu e-mail address.

How frequent are the maps updated?

The frequency of map updates depends on the orbit of the Sentinel-2 satellites and the clouds prevailing at the time of recording. Ideally, a new satellite image may be captured every 2-3 days, but it is also possible that no evaluable data is produced for weeks because of cloudy weather.

How are the images, maps created?

The maps available on Satmapper.hu are created by running a unique Python script, which uses the raw image of the Sentinel-2 satellites and the shapefile of the examined area as input.

What is the price of raw satellite images?

Raw data from Sentinel-2 satellites is available to anyone free of charge after registration through the Copernicus Open Access Hub.

I want to know more about the Sentinel-2 satellites!

The Sentinel-2 satellites are a family of Sentinel-2A and a family of Sentinel-2B satellites that have been launched into Earth orbit under the European Union’s Copernicus program. You can read about the specifications of the satellites here or here.

What kind of maps are on the site?

Satmapper.hu offers the following types of interactive maps:
– RGB satellite image
– NDVI – Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
– NDWI – Normalized Difference Water Index
– NDMI – Normalized Difference Moisture Index

From which area can processed data be generated?

Processed data can be generated from any area if a raw satellite image is available. Satmapper.hu currently provides data on a regular basis of the areas within the administrative boundaries of  Kiszombor and Makó, located in Hungary, however  the list can be expanded as required.

Do downloaded HTML maps work without an internet connection?

HTML maps downloaded from this site can only be used with an Internet connection, since background services – such as OpenStreetMap – are required to work properly.

What is the file size of the HTML maps?

The size of the HTML maps strongly depends on the size of the examined area, typically 6-12 MB.

How detailed are these maps?

The resolution of the maps and their level of detail is determined by the cameras of the Sentinel-2 satellites. These image capturing devices are sensitive to different spectral ranges and have a spatial resolution of 10, 20 or 60 meters, i.e. a pixel displays an area of 10×10, 20×20 or 60×60 meters.
By processing the raw images, the level of detail is slightly decreased.

Can cloud layers interfere with recordings?

The short answer is yes. Unfortunately, the Sentinel-2 satellites do not see through the cloud layer, so the current cloud formations are recorded on the images as well. In extreme cases, the cloud formations are so dense and thick that the recording is completely unusable, therefore only recordings with a cloud coverage of less than 30% will be uploaded to Satmapper.hu

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