Creating Sentinel-2 RGB composite images in Python

The Jupyter Notebook below walks you through on the process how an RGB composite can be created from raw Sentinel-2 images. Raw images can be downloaded from https://scihub.copernicus.eu/ after a free registration. Please note that activation of your account can take 24 hours! I hope that I have not scared you off from programming/image processing too much. …

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The blocked Suez canal

This is how the Sentinel-2 satellites saw the Ever Given container vessel blocking the Suez Canal. More pictures of other ships waiting in the bay can be found in the post.

Explosion in Beirut

On August 4, 2020, a huge explosion shook Beirut, leaving huge devastation behind. The damage to the city is also evident in the Sentinel-2 satellite images.

Change detection of stellite imagery

New features have been added to the ‘Satellite images’ menu item, with which two consecutive satellite imaes can be easily compared, and I also present the results of the automatic change detection.

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